Who we are

The site is published by BETC (RCS Bobigny n° 428 688 485 ), a public limited company with a share capital of 11 919 158,00 Euro, whose registered office is situated in 1 à 13 rue de l’Ancien Canal, 93500 Pantin (Tél. : +33 (0)1 56 41 39 38). It operates this public website with the following url: The purpose of the website is to provide websurfers (i.e. any natural or physical person visiting or using the website, hereinafter the "users" or "you") with information on the activity and services offered by the company as well as its latest news (events, publications etc.). The website also offers functionalities enabling users to contact the company (request for contact, speculative applications or to reply to a job offer etc.) or to subscribe to the newsletter. The company respects privacy and attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. The purpose of this policy is, therefore, to inform you in a fully transparent manner of the methods and characteristics of the personal data processing operations implemented by the company through the website, in whole or in part.

What is the aim of this policy?

The purpose of this policy is to inform users of the procedures and practices for the collection, processing and use of their personal data as well as the rights granted to them in this respect in the light of applicable provisions in this matter.

In what circumstances will we process your data?

Your personal data will notably be collected or processed in whole or in part as you browse the website and enter information in the data collection forms contained therein, and more generally in the context of your relationship and subsequent exchanges with the company. In a general manner, your personal data are therefore collected directly from you in the aforementioned circumstances. In addition, we may enrich your data that we collect and process, in particular for commercial, prospecting, communication or marketing purposes, using other sources of information (social networks, information referred to as "public", database hire, etc.) Moreover, more specifically concerning information processed for the purpose of our recruitment activities, we use the information you have provided to us (e.g.: the form for this purpose provided on the website) which we include in our candidate file (CV library). We may also, however, approach third parties (e.g. recruitment agencies, previous employers, internship supervisors or clients you have served in the course of previous assignments) in order to gather information about you for the purpose of examining your application or profile.

What categories of personal data do we collect?

Several categories of personal data concerning you may be collected, and in particular the following: - identification data: this notably includes data such as your marital status, name and forename, contact details (e-mail address, telephone number, postal address) etc.; - your browsing and traffic history on the website, including information relating to the traceability of your actions and interactions with the website, as well as location data (e.g. location of your IP address), data relating to your terminal or tracking data for your actions with respect to e-mails which we may send you (openings, clicks etc.); - data relating to the follow-up of your relationship with the company: requests for contact, information or documentation, etc.; - your information and documents (notably CV and covering letter) communicated as part of a job application, as well as information that we may gather for this purpose in the course of our recruitment activities (school and university education, training and qualifications, experience and professional background, economic or financial information, information relating to private life, if relevant, etc.).

Is the collection of such data mandatory?

For each form on the website for the collection of personal data, you are informed of the mandatory nature of the replies and, more generally, of the information collected, by the presence of an asterisk next to the relevant field. If there is no asterisk, the information requested is optional. If mandatory information is not provided, the request in connection with such collection of data (e.g. on-line orders, requests for information, job applications, etc.) may not be successfully processed or its processing may be delayed.

For what purposes are your data collected?

Depending on the situation, the company processes your data collected through the website in whole or in part for the following principal purposes: - management, processing and follow-up of your requests and exchanges with the company using or initiated through the website (e.g. request for contact, information or documentation, job application etc.) and the relationships of the company with its contacts (clients, prospects etc.) in a general manner; - follow-up and processing of job applications and of operations prior to our recruitment procedures including the assessment and selection of applications and professional profiles, notably by creating a candidate file (or CV library) and also by using methods and techniques for assisting recruitment for the purpose of filling certain jobs (offers that correspond to your profile may, moreover, be sent to you for this purpose); - gaining access to and using the functionalities offered on the website; - undertaking and studying the use of the website by users and their browsing behaviour in order to improve our on-line communication; - improvement and optimisation of the quality and functionalities of the website; - conduct and realisation of studies, analyses, reports and statistics; - management and processing of requests from users of the website and, more generally, from the company's contacts, to exercise their rights in relation to personal data protection; and - compliance with the statutory and regulatory obligations resulting in particular from the activity of the company. The basis for such processing of personal data may vary according to the purposes to be achieved. In a general manner, such processing is necessary: - for the management, processing and follow-up of your requests to the company (in particular replies to requests for information, processing of orders and transactions, examination of job applications etc.). in certain cases, such operations may be necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are party or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract (e.g. in relation to a job application); - for compliance with the statutory and regulatory obligations to which the company is subject.

Who can receive or access your personal data?

Your personal data may be shared within authorised departments and staff within the company and entities of the group of which it belongs to. For certain of the aforementioned purposes, it may be communicated, and only where such communication is necessary, to their service providers and contractual and commercial partners, if any, who may intervene in the aforesaid processing of personal data. Moreover, your data may be communicated to any authority that is legally authorised to receive it, in particular in the event of a demand by judicial, police or administrative authorities. The recipients referred to above are not necessarily the recipients of all your data, but only of the data necessary for the purpose involving such communication.

For how long is your data retained?

Unless otherwise provided: - your personal data collected and processed by the company shall be retained for a period of three years from your last contact with the company (on-line request, e-mail or postal correspondence, telephone call, subscription to the newsletter, click in an e-mail sent to you by the company, participation in an event etc.) or the end of your contractual or commercial relationship with it; - payment card data is retained only for the period required to process the transaction; - information relating to your job applications is retained for a maximum period of two years; - connection, browsing or traffic data is retained for a maximum duration of one year. Your personal data may, however, be retained for longer than the aforementioned periods: - either after obtaining your consent; or - in the form of archives, to comply with statutory or regulatory obligations that may apply to the company, or for the statutory limitation or objection periods (cf. payments). The aforementioned durations of retention have been defined in such manner as to enable us to process your requests (information, order, contact etc.) and/or to duly complete our commercial, communication, marketing or recruitment activities, while complying with the principle of proportionality according to which personal data must not be retained for longer than necessary for the achievement of the purpose for which it was collected.

What are your rights?

In accordance with the aforementioned statutory and regulatory provisions, you have the right to access and consult your personal data. To a certain extent, you also have the right to obtain the rectification or the erasure of your personal data, the restriction of the processing of your data, as well as the right to data portability. You also have the right to object to such processing of your personal data and the right to object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing, in particular for commercial purposes. >You also have the right to define general and/or particular instructions on the fate of your personal data and the manner in which you wish your rights to be exercised after your death. In this respect, in the event of our being informed of your death, your data will be erased unless their retention is required for a determined period on grounds relating to our statutory and regulatory obligations and/or statutory limitation periods, and after having been communicated, if applicable, to a third party whom you may have designated. Any requests pertaining to the exercise of such rights as well as any requests for information relating to the protection of personal data should be made in writing to the company at the e-mail address or to the following postal address: 1 à 13 rue de l’Ancien Canal, 93500 Pantin. In the interests of confidentiality and the protection of your personal data, the company must verify your identity prior to responding to such request. Consequently, the company can ask you for additional information for this purpose. Certain on-line forms on our website offer users the option of entering their telephone number. Users who do not wish to receive direct telephone marketing, in particular for commercial purposes, are informed of their rights to register free of charge with a national list to block telephone marketing through the website with the following url Lastly, you should be aware that in any event, you can submit a complaint to the French national data protection authority (in France, this is the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés [National Commission for IT and Civil Liberties] or "Cnil") if you consider that your personal data has not been processed in compliance with applicable provisions.

Cookies and other trackers or similar technologies

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What measures are implemented to ensure the security of your data?

In the interests of ensuring the security of your data, the company shall take all useful and appropriate measures and precautions, of a physical, logical, technical, functional, administrative or organisational nature, with respect to the state of the art, the costs of implementation, and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing as well as the risks of varying likelihood and severity for the rights and liberties of natural persons, to protect the security and confidentiality of the data and to guarantee a level of security adapted to the risk, and notably to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorised third parties. Due to the difficulties inherent in a website activity and the risks, of which you are aware, resulting from the transmission of data by electronic means, the company shall not, however, be bound by an obligation of result. If difficulties arise, the company shall make its best efforts to mitigate the risks and shall take all adequate measures, in accordance with its statutory and regulatory obligations (remedial actions, informing the national authority in charge of personal data protection and, if relevant, those affected etc.). If part or all the processing of personal data is outsourced, the company shall contractually require its subcontractors to guarantee the security and, in particular, the confidentiality of the personal data to which they may have access (appropriate technical and organisational measures for the protection of such data).

What is the fate of your data on third-party websites?

Links on the website may direct you to the third-party websites that are external to the company's website. In this respect, your attention is drawn to the fact that the privacy policies of such websites may be different to those of the company. Consequently, in all circumstances it is necessary to review the privacy policy of each of the relevant sites. In any event, the company shall not be liable if the data processing implemented through one of such sites is in breach of applicable statutory and regulatory provisions.

What should you do to be informed of updates to this policy?

This privacy policy may be amended or adjusted at any time. In the event of amendment or adjustment, a new privacy policy will be posted on-line on the website under the dedicated section. Moreover, all personal data collection forms included on our website contain links to this policy. We recommend that you inspect it regularly.