The eye of the tunnel

Grand Paris
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The eye of the tunnel, a digital and artistic objet

This spatial experience in 3D webGL is developed and designed like a trip through a subway tunnel. Users travel through an underground network to discover the cultural content of the Grand Paris Express (the future subway of Greater Paris), the train stations of tomorrow, the works of art on display there, and the people behind them.


Discover the train stations of tomorrow, the works of art on display there, and the people behind them

While art and culture have always existed, they also have been at the heart of public spaces and various transport networks for more than a century, and Grand Paris Express highlights this historical heritage. That is why its policy in cultural matters is to aim to turn worksites, train stations and their surrounding neighborhoods into living environments in their own right. "L’œil du tunnel" a showcase for this new mobility, presents an array of content dedicated to the cultural and artistic events at the heart of this great urban project.


The eye of the tunnel, a digital and artistic objet

An underground museum experience where visitors discover the leading content of the Grand Paris Express as they move through a tunnel. The visitor is free to personalize the trip experience, whether moving forward at a breakneck speed or stopping at each station to discover each capsule. This work is the basis for the experience of the editorial portal culture-grandparisexpress.fr which contains comprehensive content about the artists, architects, communities and associations that breathe life into the Grand Paris Express stations, participating in their creation.

A content platform to host all the latest corporate news from the Grand Paris artistic and cultural program
Rémi Babinet
Founder and President of BETC Group & President of the Grand Paris Express Endowment Fund
More than just a transportation project, the creation of the Grand Paris Express is an opportunity to exhibit the world’s largest contemporary art collection and one of the largest architectural biennial events. The journey into this fantastic exhibition begins with the L’oeil du tunnel project.
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made by
Arthur GuillaumeExecutive Producer
Coralie CastotArt Director / UI Designer
Maxime HuygheHead of Studio
Julien BaillyCreative Director
Alexis GalbourdinTechnical Lead
Victor LaplaceCreative developer
Laure GenthonDigital Producer
Gaelle ThéophileUI designer