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Netflix, Instagram and video games in offline mode

Being offline seems increasingly rare nowadays, unless you’re taking a break from a startup in the Silicon Valley. Yet, Bouygues Telecom created a service to help its customers with low network coverage, by providing a 4G key. For all of those who haven’t subscribed yet, we created the whentheinternetisdown.com website that allows access to Internet’s popular contents from any offline device.


How to browse without the Internet?

Technology is moving fast. Far more accurate than ever, the Service Workers now allows to control the local’s browser cache. All sources are cached on the first visit, and the website is only displayed when the user reconnects offline. Plus, the ASCII sets supported the « low tech » positioning of the interface.


All your favorite contents, no lag guaranteed

When the Internet is down, life seems much… slower. So, to keep the user busy while waiting for his connection to return, we offered hours of entertainment. Scrolling through Instagram feed, binging the first season of Game of Thrones or listening to dozens of tracks: you won’t even feel disconnected anymore.

Stephane Xiberras
CCO & President at BETC
«The promise of the site is very simple: for those who have lost their internet access, it offers a remedy until the connection is back. We’ve made substitutes for all the mainonline uses, revisited with a bitof humor: binge 67 episodes of your favorite TV show, play an offline online game, listen to your favorite tunes, or do a bit of Instagram stalking! We thought it wasan entertaining way to express Bouygues’ signature: We Love Technology”

The power of imagination

Loading a real website without any Internet required a bit of creativity and the help of ASCII, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A simple technology that translates any images into text. This allowed us to display multiple contents on our site in a lightweight and efficient way so it could work offline.

Mobile excellence
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